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Independent Design Of Cosmetic Display Cabinets
- Feb 02, 2018 -

According to the Statistical Analysis of Retail Prices of Cosmetics from January to July 2017, the cosmetics industry as a whole has seen an overall growth. Although the cosmetic cake is being eye-catched by many parties, no one or a few companies can enjoy the delicacy. Consumers can never be satisfied. Want to stand out in a public cosmetics, a tailored shirt display is essential! Why tailor-made display stand is essential? Such a display will take users what advantage? l. Highlight Products Products is a display of the most basic functions, then the tailor-made display in the ordinary display stand and what is the difference?

Is the "prominent" word, which has two meanings: First, Cosmetic Display Cabinets the display of the product has been highlighted to make their products stand out from other products, so that the new season and other products stand out; the second is to highlight the product without exception, and The overall style of the store is harmonious and unobtrusive.

I think this is probably the difference between girls makeup before makeup and make-up, to highlight your beauty, but not like face-lift like a plastic. There is a famous saying in human resource management that puts the most suitable people in the most suitable positions. Similarly, a tailor-made display stand is the most suitable product is placed in the most suitable place, and shine.

In addition to the beautiful appearance of the display, there are some functional requirements above, for example, the lipstick display rack with a mirror to facilitate customers to apply, put a towel remover Small storage boxes or drawers to remind customers to remover at any time, Cosmetic Display Cabinets the foundation of the display stand needs lighting and so on. Personalized demand is derived from providing better and better consumer services. Obviously, the mass production of display stand is unable to meet the individual needs of enterprises.

Cosmetic display at the bottom with LED display enhance the effectiveness of branding There are two important points of brand awareness:

First, we must be marked, so that consumers recognize good and remember. Common Cosmetic Display Cabinets on the market are almost the same shape, another logo will be home. However, there is no more horrible thing for businesses than "crashing the display stand." Tailor-made display stands that combine brand awareness with product demonstrations, using the line of products that draws consumers' attention to the effect of branding.

The second is to "soft", so silent infiltration. The so-called big tone, loud and clear way of publicity is an exercise of paramount importance, Jiangnan Tanner mill can win the topic of the moment, but consumer tolerance for this overwhelming commercial is very low, and soon will cause aversion. Cosmetic Display Cabinets Incorporating brand awareness into the product display rack, using the product to divert part of the consumer's attention, the threshold of endurance will increase and the reception effect will be evident, and the two continue to interact to achieve the desired effect.