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Acrylic Display Cabinet Cleaning Method
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Acrylic Display Cabinet is what we often say plexiglass, with crystal-like transparency. Acrylic transmittance of 92% or more, known as "plastic crystal," said. And its high surface hardness and wear resistance, is often used for some of the more demanding appearance of the raw materials of the product.

Acrylic appears the highest frequency in the cosmetics counter, those who are all kinds of cosmetics display stand mostly made of acrylic. Acrylic Display Cabinet looks upscale, texture, make it put on the lipstick, powder, nail polish and other more dazzling, but will not take away the light belongs to the product, will always be your best supporting role.

What is worth to use crystal-like beauty to set off? It must have been more beautiful than crystal. This is the idea that acrylic can convey to consumers.

And even pure natural diamonds like "a permanent, far-reaching" need time-honored acrylics to be used as a product under industrial technology. Even though natural and beautiful, they should keep practicing themselves in their bumps.

Acrylic nursing and girls are similar to the steps of skin care;

1. Basic daily care

① first of all to clean, wash away all the dirt on his face.

Only use 1% soapy water to clean the acrylic sheet with a soft cotton cloth. This sentence conveys the three meanings:

A. Do not use alcohol, gasoline and other organic solvents kerosene strong alkaline solution cleaning

B. can not be hard or dry rub

C. Do not use any cleaning agent containing granular objects

② with a pattern of acrylic products dirty, can be dipped in detergent toothbrush, wipe down along the pattern can be removed.

2. Orientation problem solving

① oil: soft detergent available water, glass cleaners currently on the market can be sold, then scrub the soft cloth. Or with a towel dip beer or warm vinegar erase.

③ handwriting: available rubber soaked friction, and then wipe with a damp cloth;

④ paint: cotton dipped in hot vinegar can be scrubbed; use a clean dry cloth dipped in alcohol wipe acrylic products, can make it bright as crystal.

④ Scratches: If it is a small scratches, Acrylic Display Cabinet you can directly use a toilet paper or cloth to wipe a little toothpaste, if it is a large scratch, sandpaper is not recommended, sandpaper will scratch the entire surface.

Beauty and beautification

Good basic care, you need to think about how to make it more beautiful and moving. Obviously, we need to be a mask

Acrylic drops of kerosene or chalk powder and gypsum powder dipped in water coated acrylic products to dry, and then clean cloth or cotton, so that acrylic products are clean and bright.

Steps: Acrylic products sprayed with a comprehensive cleaning agent, and then paste the plastic wrap so that solidified oil softening, after ten minutes, tear off the plastic wrap, then wipe with a damp cloth

4. Special precautions

In addition to basic care, in daily use if you can notice these two small details, the life of acrylic display stand will be greatly extended.

① Do not use more than 85 ℃ environment

Acrylic temperature is heated at about 70 degrees will be deformed, when heated to over 100 degrees that will soften Cosmetics display stand needs to pay attention to is equipped with a power supply part of the long-term use will make the bulb temperature caused by local high temperature, Should develop the habit of regular inspection.

② display shelf placed gaps

Acrylic plate cold thermal expansion coefficient is large, due to temperature changes should be considered to reserve telescopic gap. Cosmetics counters sometimes to create a product advocacy momentum, Acrylic Display Cabinet the display will be placed in lined display. Especially in winter and summer indoor temperature difference between day and night larger, thermal expansion and contraction of acrylic occurs, set the time to stay a little gap, the specific interval width according to the thickness of the acrylic board to decide.