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How To Classify The Display Stand
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Display stand according to the style can be divided into: desktop display, floor display, hanging display, shaped display stand, the theme display Duitou, rotating display stand, maglev display.

This classification is very image, we have a display of the first impression from its use of the scene, directly above the ground floor is called floor display, need to be placed on the table / counter Called the desktop display rack, the wall is the wall-mounted display rack can be divided according to use: 3C digital display stand, cosmetics display stand, alcohol and tobacco display stand, food display stand, jewelry display stand, exhibition Display stand, information display stand, display stand and so on.

Display of the material is very good identification, is wood? Iron? Acrylic? Still complex? These impressions do not need to be deliberately created and are stored automatically by the brains of a display stand. When you choose a display stand will unconsciously confirm that is the material, then according to the scene to be used, the display of goods match.

Display stand according to the material can be divided into: acrylic display stand, metal display stand, wooden display stand, composite display stand (a variety of materials mixed use), paper display stand.

Generally speaking, metal and wooden display stand load-bearing better, making floor-mounted display rack will choose these two materials or its main frame with acrylic / PVC / PEGT use. Acrylic / PVC / PEGT material looks good, has a good display but the bearing capacity is not as good as the previously mentioned metal and wood, it is usually used acrylic / PVC / PEGT material for the desktop display, or do floor display parts accessories (Such as: window part).