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Cosmetic Display Cabinets Of Color Matching Rules
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Through the use of Cosmetic Display Cabinets techniques on shops and merchandise, we can achieve a series of effects such as highlighting and beautifying the shopping environment, stimulating the consumer senses and facilitating the purchase. However, we must first understand the ultimate goal of doing so: to make possible sales faster Reached. The fastest and most direct contact with consumers to Cosmetic Display Cabinets the style of a shop is to look through the eyes, visual access to the information is the fastest and most complicated. How to intercept his attention in a consumer's glance?

The ultimate effect of the Cosmetic Display Cabinets is to create a unified style of the store as a whole, so the design of the Cosmetic Display Cabinets shelf begins with the selection of colors. We need to pay attention to the color hue, lightness, purity of three areas. Hue refers to the color appearance and name, in the production of Cosmetic Display Cabinets stand, we often Pantone color card as a reference. In the Cosmetic Display Cabinets industry can not see the truth, only the real thing is the real truth. The resolution of different monitors is not the same, the electronic document is far from real and reliable. If you need to customize the Cosmetic Display Cabinets stand, it is best to use the Pantone color card as a reference or send us in kind, in order to contrast the color.

Color brightness is actually a general change of light and shade, like from day to night, there is a gradual process. Among the colors of nature, yellow is the highest lightness color. Color purity, also known as saturation, the higher the purity of the natural color of the more bright. Color purity and brightness are usually mutually influential, such as the description of yellow, purity and brightness are high. The use of such a color on the Cosmetic Display Cabinets must be sufficiently eye-catching that the consumer's eye can find it in the first place. However, this has both advantages and disadvantages. The bright colors are easy to attract the eyes of consumers, but also easily cover up the light of products. Most recommended to sell products 椟 also beads, the brightness of the color needs to be controlled within a certain range. What is the specific scope, it will be based on your product to be set.