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Acrylic Lipstick Display Stand Durable?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Acrylic Lipstick Display Stand shelf life is mainly based on the material of their own acrylic to decide. Here you may want to ask, is there any difference between acrylic? Yes, acrylic according to the casting method is not the same as the compression plate and pouring plate, but also according to different origin is generally divided into the import board and domestic board. Its durability also has a significant difference.

In general, the same parameters of the pouring of acrylic plate quality is higher than the extruded plate, the quality of domestic acrylic plate is slightly weaker than the import plate. General domestic acrylic plate best show the effect of 3-5 years, that is, its luster, Acrylic Lipstick Display Stand performance in all aspects are in the best condition, the useful life of about 10 years, while the import of premium-quality acrylic board can have 20-30 years The service life. So this is the first parameter that differentiates the durability of Acrylic Lipstick Display Stands.

Second, the different use of the environment and habits will also affect the life of Acrylic Lipstick Display Stand  stand. Acrylic board surface friction and scratch will affect the surface gloss and the overall display, so sometimes the shelf is not out of service because of its life, but due to improper use of habits led to its early scrapped. At the same time acrylic material is easily soluble in organic solvents, Acrylic Lipstick Display Stand so pay special attention to the type of detergent when cleaning, do not use ordinary glass of water, use a soft towel to pick up some soapy water can be wiped.