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Acrylic Floor Display Stands

Acrylic Floor Display Stands

Can be made to floor poster display stands, rotating floor display stands, wood floor display stands.

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Acrylic Floor Display Stand.


Use high gloss Acrylic.


1. Rich colors add to the display stand. Acrylic display stand can be processed according to the design, with many styles and small color difference, which truly meets the customer's requirements and highlights the unique charm of the product.

2. It is transparent and bright, especially when it displays high-end goods such as watches, cosmetics and electronic products.

3. Acrylic display stand has many styles, such as floor-standing, desktop, hanging, rotary, etc.; it can be used for watch display, cosmetics display, jewelry display, and can be designed according to customer needs to meet different shops. The need for different placement positions.

4. Rugged, long service life and low manufacturing cost.

5. Acrylic display stand is flexible and simple to assemble, easy to disassemble and easy to transport.

Wholesale Acrylic Floor Display Stands

Custom Acrylic Floor Display Stands

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