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Metal Floor Display Stands

Features:Different styles for shop metal floor display. Service:Customized products and manufacturing is available. OEM/ ODM service are offered.

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Metal Floor Display Stand.


Use high quality stainless, metal, acrylic, plastics.

The metal display stand is mainly made of various metal materials, and the display stand is made by electrostatic spraying and baking process in the later stage.

It is mainly made of various metal materials. It is electrostatically sprayed and painted in the later stage. The display stand is exquisite, strong and durable, so that your products can be better displayed, and the matching metal can be designed according to your product characteristics. The display stand, combined with the customer's creative LOGO, makes the product stand out in front of the public, thus increasing the promotion of the product.


1. Low cost.

2. Beautifully crafted, novel style, can better display your company's products.

3. High quality, strong and durable.

4. Removable design, to minimize the packaging and transportation volume of the metal display stand.

Custom Metal Floor Display Stands

Custom Metal Floor Display Stands

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