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Cosmetic Display Cabinets

Cosmetic Display Cabinets

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Product Details

Product Name: Cosmetic Display Cabinets

Material: high quality Acrylic


1. Many years of senior designer team combined with product brand image to rationally plan the layout of the design space.

2. Special person on-site measurement, communicate and confirm according to the actual size, to meet your service needs.

3. Introduced advanced production and production equipment, from the various engineering links to do our best, the best, the lowest cost.

4. Self-owned construction team, providing on-site professional installation until the customer is completely satisfied.

Custom Cosmetic Display Cabinets

Custom Cosmetic Display Cabinets

Wholesale Cosmetic Display Cabinets

Wholesale Cosmetic Display Cabinets

Cosmetic display cabinet is the most important part of cosmetics store decoration, and cosmetics display cabinet is necessary for cosmetics display and distribution. However, the role of cosmetic display cabinet can be more than that. Its importance cannot be ignored.


Our cosmetic display showcase have received ISO9001:2008 and SGS.

1.Store display

This is the most basic function of the display cabinet. The beautiful cosmetics display cabinet and the orderly cosmetics show the products in the store in the most reasonable way. If a creative prop is added to the display case, it will also add embellishment to the display case.

2. Determine the in-store style

The decoration style of the cosmetics shop is that the cosmetics display cabinet and the store decoration complement each other, and the store decoration style is relatively random, but the cosmetics store owner has already determined the decoration style of the cosmetics shop when deciding the cosmetics display cabinet type and style, and the whole store later The design must be coordinated with the display cabinet.

3. Guide customers

Customers who have studied the store display cabinets should know that the display and placement in the supermarket are properly arranged and planned. The same is also taken into account when designing the cosmetics display cabinet. The scientific placement will not only guide the customer to quickly find the most wanted product, but also show the main products in the store to the customer and increase the volume. .

4. Establish a store image

The brand image of a cosmetics store or even a corporate brand image is infiltrated into all aspects of the store, not just a certain thing can fully represent the corporate image. An excellent cosmetic brand, especially concerned with the handling and design of the details. In the cosmetics store decoration and cosmetics display cabinet design, special attention will be paid to the integration of the corporate Wenhu and the corporate brand image. The cosmetics store with real corporate brand awareness will increase the recognition of the store and the goodwill and trust in the customer's mind.

Application Areas: acrylic cosmetic display for nail polish, for sale, for cosmetic products.

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