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Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

DYD is Jewelry displays wholesale manufacturer and suppliers in China, specialized in the research,development and production of retail jewelry display.

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Product Name:

Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand.


Use good quality clear Acrylic.


Acrylic display stand is made of transparent acrylic material, laser engraved and cut, polished at the corners, crystal clear, not hurting hands, fine craftsmanship, unique European design, luxurious style decoration, elegant and innovative smooth structure design. Make the appearance more integrated.

The Alec display stand is easy to handle, beautiful in appearance, firm in structure, elegant and elegant, and also environmentally friendly. The exquisite display rack makes the product play an extraordinary charm.

Acrylic display stand has the characteristics of good light transmittance, strong impact resistance and good plasticity. It can be used for product display to show the whole picture of the product and has good transparency. It is even more dazzling under the light, and the light is soft, which can make the product more noble and beautiful, attracting customers' eyes.

Custom Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

Custom Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

Wholesale Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

Wholesale Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands


Our jewelry display cabinets have received ISO 9001:2008 and SGS.


24-7 customer support service is available any time.
Offer OEM/ ODM service. The pictures are for reference only.

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Jewelry display stand for sale.

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