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POS Counter Display

DYD is pos display manufacturer and suppliers in China,specialized in the research,development and production of pos display shop.

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Product Name: 

POS Counter Display.


Use high gloss Acrylic.


1. Excellent transparency, colorless transparent plexiglass sheet, light transmittance of over 92%

2. Excellent weather resistance, adaptability to the natural environment, even if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, wind and rain will not change its performance, anti-aging performance is good, and it can be used safely outdoors.

3. Good performance

4. Non-toxic Even if it is in contact with people for a long time, it is harmless, and the gas generated during combustion does not produce toxic gases.

Custom POS Counter Display

Wholesale POS Counter Display


Our pos display units have received ISO9001:2008 and SGS.


Offer customized measurements for best pos display .OEM/ ODM service are provided. The pictures are for reference only.

Application Areas: 

pos display equipment for sale.

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