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How to make good use of Acrylic display stand?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Now more and more people like to use display stand to display product and business information, for example, the acrylic industry is more used in the cosmetics industry, but do you know how to present the perfect product on the acrylic cosmetic display stand?

1, to clearly understand the theme of cosmetics to be expressed. The theme is to show the cosmetic information to be expressed and the first impression to the guests, that is, to attract the eye.

2, to highlight the characteristics of cosmetics. Characteristics of the meaning is to select a special product, the implementation of new cosmetics or guests daily most commonly used cosmetics display. Acrylic display stand Can be arranged by the venue, with lights and other means to highlight its focus.

3, the simpler the better. As we all know there are many types of cosmetics, if placed randomly will give people the feeling of chaos. The message your guests receive within 1 to 2 seconds already determines whether your product is attractive in the brain. So to choose a representative cosmetics show, the overall presentation to be concise. Cosmetics Acrylic display stand is best to have a bright and simple advertising slogan, or with some beautiful pictures as the background.

4, traffic considerations. Acrylic display stand Especially in the cosmetics area of the mall, according to the size of the traffic and the width of the aisles in front of the cosmetics display to adjust the size of their cosmetics display stand. Therefore, acrylic cosmetics display stand is the best custom, from the source to control the size. This has the right cosmetic display stand will not affect the aisles and the flow of people.

If we all can according to the above four points layout acrylic cosmetics display stand, then, in the light of the background, I believe your cosmetics will be able to attract the attention of customers, thereby increasing sales.