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How to improve the heat resistance of Acrylic display stand?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

We know the acrylic display stand is very sensitive to temperature, in case of high temperature, the acrylic display stand may be deformed, and some acrylic stand may be placed outdoors or relieved to high temperature, then how to improve the acrylic Display shelf heat it?

In fact, there are many ways to improve the heat resistance of acrylic, each method also has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some methods to improve the heat resistance of acrylic, while maintaining transparency, will make other properties decline. In order to improve the heat resistance and other properties of the acrylic display stand at the same time, sometimes it is necessary to use a plurality of improvement methods in combination.

Such as copolymerization, PhMI's main role is to improve heat resistance, MAA's main role is to improve the refractive index, so as to PhMI-based monomer, MAA as a secondary monomer, the resulting copolymer not only increased heat resistance and refractive index increased, The terpolymer thus obtained has both high heat resistance and low moisture absorption. The Vicat softening temperature of the MMA-PhMI-NMA copolymer reaches 137 ° C, and the water absorption is about 25% lower than that of PMMA. Other Performance and PMMA similar.

There are many materials scholars continue to work hard, hoping to develop high-performance acrylic display stand, thereby expanding its application and improve the economic benefits of acrylic display stand, we also look forward to, if necessary acrylic display stand friends and we contact.