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How to avoid the use of Acrylic display stand deformation
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Acrylic display stand is the most commonly used in the field of display props. Acrylic display stand made of materials with good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, has become recognized in the field of the best display stand production materials. If you do not understand the characteristics of mastery of acrylic materials, prolonged use and lack of necessary maintenance of the Acrylic display stand will also have the same deformation and damage.

How to avoid Acrylic display stand deformation, in order to maintain the excellent quality of Acrylic display stand to extend its service life?

1. Is to choose a flexible display for the rubber gasket, acrylic materials for the connection between the necessary increase in buffer.

2 is the processing of acrylic sheet, to be drilled oval screw holes with the lock, to increase its strength and reduce deformation.

3 is the production of larger bearing area display frame, we should pay attention to increase the thickness of the plate to avoid deformation caused by a larger load.

4 is the installation of fixed Acrylic display stand, pay attention to reserve a certain contraction and expansion of the gap to prevent thermal expansion and contraction on the display of the impact.

5. It is possible to increase the impact strength of the acrylic sheet by thermoforming and release the internal stress of the sheet at the same time.

6. Design is based on the type of display products choose the appropriate weight of acrylic sheet, not too thin and not thicker, to avoid the plate load and product does not match the deformation caused.

Senior design and production staff generally in the design to production of the whole process, we must consider the deformation of Acrylic display stand in advance to maximize the avoidance of deformation of the Acrylic display stand, coupled with the rational use of the latter, so that Acrylic display stand long-term Maintain good posture.