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How to apply glue for acrylic Display stand?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

You want to make an acrylic display stand is the need for multi-process, glue is one of them, relatively speaking, you may think that playing glue is very simple, in fact, playing glue is a technical work, the need for operator patience , The way to be skilled; good glue hit a direct impact on product appearance, playing less sticky is not strong, play more will overflow glue, pressure is not strong there will be bubbles, a qualified acrylic display stand is not allowed to appear these problems of.

1. Acrylic Display stand can not be pasted when the surface of the dust, dirt, otherwise there will be bubbles after paste, clean cloth before application of clean cloth.

2. Paste the acrylic display shelf can not use the hairdryer blowing, it should be allowed to air dry, so that the adhesive can be better dissolved together.

3. Acrylic display hit the glue before the glue is not completely dissolved, should be avoided by the direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will produce varying degrees of yellowing, affecting the appearance of acrylic display.

4. Acrylic adhesive glue is corrosive, stickers stickers can be used to protect the site does not need to stick to avoid the overflow of glue on the acrylic surface corrosion.

5. Domestic acrylic is due to poor quality, roughness in the surface, it is unable to bond the processing

Indoor humidity, temperature, etc. will have a direct impact on the plexiglass products bonding;