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Display stand in the show's role
- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. Booth

Have you ever noticed that your booth is bland, simple material addition, just treat it as a display stand of the exhibition? In fact, do not need so unconventional, just need to combine your products, the entire layout of the unique but harmonious display on the line, if the larger and more important exhibition can also be based on the overall layout style, product form custom booth to better The outstanding features make the booth a bridge between you and the visitors rather than a deterrent.

2. Diamond class layout

Diamond-type layouts often attract local customers. Sophisticated designs and converged displays will direct such customers to your booth for consultation on demand. No other features such as jamming and strolling diamond-like layouts are focused Sex and relevance, if you have a clear customer point, you can then diamond based on the characteristics of the layout to attract customers generally higher quality.

3 shopping center layout

Designing this shopping center-like layout can help you expand your booth space just as if you had a mirror in the room, while the external surrounds served both as a detonator and overcrowding, To visit the customer with a good experience.

The design and layout of the floor should not be overlooked. Display stand The visitors may first see your exhibition, but as they walked into the booth to consult, they did go through your territory and let them go to you step by step Booth, in addition to the floor provided by the venue, you can also add carpets or other materials to match your overall design style.


The lighting effect will also play a very good role, more to set off the gas field and show, at the same time play an invitation to play the role, so you can strive to achieve coordination in the light and increase the show a small bright spot.

5. Storage

Show storage space also needs to be managed, messy place will make people want to flee around, but also spread the company's unprofessional does not attach importance to the message, Display stand so after calculating the show's storage space and then transported to the venue necessary supplies It


Finally resorted to the killer is occupy the mobile phone in our lives, and the phone's APP. Mobile phone is the communication medium, can help you contact the customer and save time and channel costs of communication, make it easier for you to get the visitor's information feedback, Display stand and APP is like the best amount of tools, there are already many for Foreign trade design practical APP, can be downloaded for different situations at home and abroad to help you complete a perfect show journey.