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Custom cosmetics Display Cabinet with thick acrylic plate?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Cosmetic Display Cabinet is a Display Cabinet for Display Cabinet cosmetics products, mainly for the Display Cabinet of cosmetics, a qualified cosmetic Display Cabinet stand will make your cosmetics get a multiplier effect, so as to attract consumers to buy.

Cosmetics Display Cabinet stand is generally made of acrylic sheet, due to the material affordability, in the custom, we must take into account the thickness, I believe there are many people do not know the thickness of the Display Cabinet stand in the end are less suitable today small For everyone to give a simple analysis.

Cosmetics Display Cabinet to do more thick there is no clear standard, based on customer demand for weight may be. In general, the decoration can be 2mm, if it is at least 3mm above load to be based on the structure to be. 3mm to 5mm load capacity has been able to withstand the weight of the general product, such as shoes, cell phones, watches, jewelry and so on.