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Acrylic Display stand silk screen when painting matters needing attention
- Feb 02, 2018 -

With the popularity of acrylic Display stand, acrylic Display stand has become ubiquitous, more and more shopping malls, electronics markets, jewelry stores and other appeared its presence. However, we did not pay attention, many acrylic Display stand also printed a lot of beautiful patterns above, in fact, most of these patterns are silk screen up, then you know these beautiful patterns silk screen should pay attention to what issues?

Screen printing is the screen printing, and its principle is: plate (paper film version or other version of the base made through the ink holes) in the printing, through a certain pressure to make ink through the hole plate hole transferred to the substrate (Paper, ceramics, etc.) to form an image or text. Although the screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, but there are still some problems that need attention.

1, for four-color printing, should use the same size and stability of the aluminum frame (aluminum frame solid), the use of the frame are stretched the same type and type of screen. The use of dyed silk screen helps to eliminate moire, the tension throughout the screen should be uniform, and four-color printing of the four screen stretch the same tension.

2, Yang film (film) on the acrylic Display stand processing materials (here must be flat glass), and then exposure (the so-called exposure is placed in a very strong light sun), the stretched The screen is placed on the negative film and parallel to the image axis. If moire appears, rotate the screen to the left or right until the moire disappears, generally turning 7 °. Easily moire areas are located in the direction of the screen mesh and the intersection of the screen. The main colors and darker colors cause problems with moiré.

3, to achieve the perfect image of the most basic requirement is a copy of the transparency of the quality of negative film must be good, that is, the network edge to be neat, no scratches and other opaque. Color separations and use of printing ink with the same color scale;

4, mesh image with high viscosity ink printing, the more delicate the screen needs a thicker color ink. Mesh images with high viscosity ink printing, finer screen needs thicker color ink.

5, a good grinding ink knife for high-quality silk screen is crucial, the knife's Shore hardness is about 70. The doctor blade should be set at a 75 ° angle, if the doctor's point of view is too flat, Printed images may be blurred, if the angle is too steep, the risk of deformation of screen printing images on the large. Back to the knife should not be installed too low, if so, the film version will be filled with excessive ink, printed matter easy to blur and rub dirty.

6, in batch silk screen printing, should be fixed into the screen into the ink trial printing, copy the graphic version of the inspection level, color, ink thickness, specifications, register accuracy. If the registration accuracy is poor, you can adjust according to the front of the frame fine-tuning knob; if the ink hue is wrong, check whether the wrong ink, and immediately replaced; if the ink is not good, the solvent can be used to wipe the graphic part of the plate, The performance and the wettability of the substrate has been improved to some extent; if the tone and level of graphics are quite different, you should immediately change the screen.