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Acrylic Display stand load performance?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Acrylic Display stand bearing good? Acrylic display stands in the promotion of brand awareness of promotional products, plays a subtle role in large and medium-sized cities in major shopping malls set up counters, through the well-designed, in line with the brand image display counters, with a unified image, a unified price , A unified policy to face the vast number of consumers, to consumers around the world a complete brand concept, acrylic display props another important function.

So acrylic display force how? Exquisite display of your answer: Acrylic display stand in the domestic market began to heat up, and because of the acrylic material affordability, custom acrylic display case and acrylic display stand, you must take into account its thickness, and the thickness of the number of bearer Depending on the product.

Acrylic display stand to do how thick there is no clear standard, based on customer demand for weight may be. In general, the decoration can be 2mm, if it is at least 3mm above load to be based on the structure to be. 3mm to 5mm load capacity has been able to withstand the general use of the weight of acrylic display products, such as shoes, cell phones, watches, jewelry and so on.

In addition, the acrylic display frame ten times stronger than glass, acrylic material is also widely used in the construction, home decoration industry, so it's durable is not suspected. Exquisite display is a professional build all kinds of acrylic display stand manufacturers, but also acrylic sheet production, display custom integrated manufacturer.