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Acrylic Display stand how to process beautifully transparent
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Acrylic Display stand how to do a beautiful and transparent, not easy to yellow, we are based on the following four points to ensure the acrylic Display stand craft, acrylic Display stand to ensure the quality of light, weather, impact resistance, easy to shape and other advantages can be fully reflected!

The first is material selection. Selection of imported materials, better quality. Purity higher than the domestic 20%, high transparency 15%, 10 years does not change color yellow.

The second is the mold making. Acrylic plate through the vacuum positioning, suction pressure forming, even if the same word, different sizes also need different molds, and the mold itself requires high precision and good quality. Because of the accuracy of the mold itself, the quality is directly related to the quality of plexiglass products, and mold production has a higher level of technology, the need for experienced technical staff.

The third is post-production. As mentioned earlier, the production of acrylic Display stand stands is basically mechanized production, and the application of some new equipment has greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers while improving the production efficiency. Acrylic plastic material after the basic shape, but also through the milling, Lou milling, grinding and other processes, and finally there will be acrylic laying light source Display stand, paint, acrylic Display stand stand was completed.

The fourth is the screen processing. According to the different needs of customers, screen printing directly through the screen transfer to the acrylic Display stand, after the vacuum suction molding, the picture of people, animals or goods image, but also plastic into a solid effect, so as to be more Good publicity effect.